Training, Stunts and Resume

John B Daniels

11124 NE Halsey #606
Portland, OR 97220
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 1961 – Present
Work experience
  30 years as OHSU lift team for trauma.
Martial arts expertise
 7th degree Black belt Arnis phillippines street fighting.
5th dan black belt Arjuken Karate.
Instructor of Jeet kune Do. Kali, Bruce Lee’s art. Certified under Sifu Dan Inosanto.
Hear No Evil (FBI agent).
Kung Fu Kids Club (thug).
Kate Smiles (Barroom fight thug).
Music Within (thug).
Invincible Martial Arts (fighter, stunt man actor).
Straight Blast Gym’s (fighter, stunt man actor). Columbia Banks (thug and stuntman).
Huntsville Alabama Channel 7 promoting Invincible Martial Art.
Rossi Farms Wild West Show (cowboy stunt man), Portland Oregon CH11.
Various Commercials.
Fox 12 PDX demo of fights and stunt team presentation.
Movie – Oy vey my son is gay (stunt man)  – premiers 3/09. Thaft hartlyed saged in the actors guild (stunt man fighter construction worker).
Assisted in fighting choreography of episodes including “The Bottle” and apprearing in “The Top Hat” elevator fight scene where Keith Cox fights Christian Cain. Personally assisted Kevin Jackson. (A special thanks to Kevin Jackson for believing in me. Thank you, Kevin.)
AFTRA TV Union Actors Guild for Leverage.
Anumis Cross (ware wolf, stunt man).  Choreographed fight scenes.
Goodmorning Manilla network TV, Philippines for the promotion of Invincible Martial Art.
Leverage (stuntman, fight scene) (stunt car driver) – starring Timothy Hutton. Many appearances in four seasons!  Including appearances in “The Jail House Job”, “Top Hat Job”, “Bottle Job” and the last episode of season 3. “Cross Your Heart Job” season 4.
NBC Grimm – (stuntman) in “Nasty Teeth” 2012 and Natural Born Wessen 214″.
2011 – Movie – “Killing Beverly” fight scenes.
Gina Davis / Dean Devilon pilot “Lost and Found” (stunt double for Wade Williams) 2013
Fight Choreography for Counter Measure.
Grimm – Ungreatful dead bar fight scene.
TNT – The Librarians – Ninja – 2014
Combat Report (TV show) – Bare Knuckle Fight Scene – 2014
2015 Syfi – Znation.  NBC – Grimm
Doritos Commercial 2015
Cover of Inside Kung Fu, 1991.
Black Belt Magazine.
Full Contact Magazine.
Modern Arnis by Grandmaster Ernesto Presas.
Graduate of Debera Mason Rogue River Productions (acting and stunts).
Jerry BucksBombs Stunt Team fighter cowboy (stunt man).
Graduate Arjuken Karate stunt team featuring Manilla Phippines GrandMaster Ernesto Preasas.
Inosanto Academy Stunts fighter (swords, knifes, bow staff, bow and arrow, and stick weapons) as Associate Instructor, Sr.
Turkey Creek Productions-Cowboy (stuntman. shooting all guns including rifles and fast-draw hand guns. Certified.)
  Directed and taught stunts for Women’s Self Defense for over 10 years.
Fight choreographer to Kevin Jackson and stunts.
  Drummer for HardRain
Click HERE for a printable copy of this resume.